Why Does Deborah Tmz Suddenly Look Like A Million
Deborah Tmz

2 weeks ago

I guess this is the time I give Germany the thumbs up. Here is Deborah Tmz. She is a popular Instagram model with a huge following of over 1 million followers. She is like the queen of selfies out there on the platform.

She was born in Cologne, Germany on February 12, 1993, which makes her age, 25 years old. She first launched her Instagram page in early 2013, January. Not only do her fans see the talent and beauty in her but also the beauty accompanies as she is a brand ambassador for Women’s Best weight loss and health supplements.

The other Instagram model who comes from Germany is Lorena Rae.

Would You Consider Karla Cuencas A Thirsty IG Thot?
Karla Cuencas

2 weeks ago

Karla Cuencas is a famous californicated Instagram model who currently has Instagram buzzing. Her account on IG has over 210,000 followers supporting her work. She is also a social media influencer. She has done modeling for different brands including modeling for Plex Clothing Co.

Karla is best known for the lingerie and sultry lingerie related photos that she often shares with her fans.

She was born in California on November 16, 1990, which makes her age, 27 years old. She is from Los Angeles. The beauty held the third position in the 2017 Maxim’s Finest completion and she was competing with other hotties like Kiara Gomez.

Michelle Carolus Chose Modeling Over Being a Nurse, I’m Touched
Michelle Carolus

2 weeks ago

Michelle Carolus is an American Instagram model who is one of the co-founders of the lingerie company Dose of Desires.

She was born in Long Beach, California on November 26, 1987, which makes her age, 30 years old. She has a twin sister named Miriam whom she frequently shares posts with. She is half of the Double Dose Twins. She and her sister are inseparable as her mother tried to separate them when they were little. Long Beach is where she was brought up and attended Woodrow Wilson Classical High School.

I guess Instagram does pay way better than the hospital system. She took a nursing major at California State University which is located in Long Beach. She used to work as a nurse at Los Angeles General Hospital.

Michelle seems to be on such good terms and friends with the Black Ink Crew star called Sky.

Tattooed Model Valerie Cossette’s Fame Genes Runs Through The Family
Valerie Cossette

2 weeks ago

Valerie Cossette is a famous Canadian tattooed Instagram model who is best known for his tattoos. She launched her Instagram page in 2014 and posted her first photo early that year. She is good in the selfie business that taking over. His account on the platform has over 1 million followers and its name is valerie.c_.

She was born in Canada on July 6, 1993, which makes her age, 24 years old. She shares the same exact birthdays with other web stars like Jewelliana Palencia, Anaya Roderick, and more. She has a sister named Vanessa Cossette.

The beauty has traveled a lot of places but mostly Mexico.

Bikini Model Veronika Bielik Just Made Poland A better Place Instantly
Veronika Bielik

2 weeks ago

Veronika Bielik is a famous Poland Instagram model who is also a brand ambassador for companies like Monster Energy. She is well known for her bikini and fashion photos that she regularly posts to her Instagram account which does have over 1 million followers supporting her. She launched her IG page on the image sharing platform back in 2014, June.

She was born in Poland on September 18, 1993, which makes her age, 24 years old. She has a sister named Olivia. Being Veronika seems to not be easy as it appears. She is so beautiful and that much definitely cost her time and efforts. She is a healthy lifestyle advocate. And since she is a fitness enthusiast, she was appointed as the ambassador for Women’s Best.

The other famous Instagram model who was also born in Poland is Renata Kaczoruk.

Lira Mercer Is Not A Chick To Be Playing With, Even Rick Ross Knows
Lira Mercer

2 weeks ago

Lira Mercer is an American model and so perfect that her body is well figured. Her fitness teacher must be proud at their job. She is so popular on the Internet especially on the image sharing platform, Instagram. In 2014, she managed to snatch a big photo shoot from the popular brand magazine “Hip Hop Weekly magazine.”

She started modeling on Instagram looking for some sponsors back in 2013, August. She was rumored to have a romantic relationship or flings with Rick Ross, Drake, and Justin Bieber. In 2015, Lira even almost got married to rapper Rick Ross but her engagement ended later that year.

The beauty is also known as Lira Galore. She was born in Houston, Texas on August 31, 1993, which makes her age, 24 years old.

Ever watched “Thug Cry?” the music video done by Rick Ross featuring Lil Wayne. She starred in it and the video was perfect.

Leonardo McManus Has Issues, I Call Him Carlos Coz I Know He Hates It
Leonardo McManus

2 weeks ago

Although Leonardo Mcmanus is an Instagram model, he decided to launch his vlog on YouTube and he runs and earns income from it. He is always seen on social media in front of cars and different scenery places. He uses his Vlog as a way to share his personal life and mostly prank videos, reactions and challenges videos to his fans. He always posts aesthetics and high contrast photos.

Leonardo’s YouTube has accumulated over 3,000 subscribers.

He was born in Arizona, the United States on September 1, 1998, which makes her age, 19 years old. His real name is Carlos but I guess he hates the name. He grew up in San Diego where he was brought up. But later moved to Los Angeles to secure his future for his little stardom. What a tricky!. Good luck anyway.

The boy models for the popular clothing line called BAPE just like Cousin Stizz. Some of his photos have been taken by the Instagram star called Kellan Hendry to whom he has given credit in some of his photos.

Brazilian Model Jessica Beppler Has Some Lit Ish!
Jessica Beppler

2 weeks ago

Jessica Beppler is a Brazilian model and social media influencer. She is very popular on Instagram where her jessicabeppler account had over 1.3 million followers. But her account got hacked and now she does have a new account bepplerofficial with over 84,600 followers, that’s still something worth fighting for.

She was born in Brazil on March 28, 1995, which makes her age, 23 years old.

She had a photo archived and it’s one of the oldest, a photo of her playing billiards with a friend. She is good at cosplaying. In 2016, she played the role as the Overwatch D.Va for Halloween.

I Thought I Knew Alex DeLena, I Guess I Was Wrong
Alex DeLena

2 weeks ago

This chick has me going anyway. I believe she can. Her name is Alex DeLena. Her real name is Alexandra Delena. She is an Instagram model and influencer who posts modeling and lifestyle-related photos to her Instagram page. She has over 110,000 followers on Instagram. She is best known for her modeling swimwear brands at the beach and she does it well. She sometimes is seen with her close friends.

Alex launched her Instagram account and posted her first photo in February 2013. She is a big fan of Coachella as in 2015, she went to 2015. In Los Angeles is where she was brought up and now you know where she got all those styles (Swagg).

She was born in Los Angeles, the United States on September 19, 1994, which makes her 23 years old. She has this best friend whom she is so close to. Her name is Jessica Newman, Ryan’s sister, the actress.

What about her dating life?… She is dating Chance Sutton, Team 10.

Russian Model Ekaterina Zueva Is Not Done At Least Not Now

2 weeks ago

Ekaterina Zueva is a Russian model whose fame to light after she started posting yoga and steamy lingerie photos to her zuueva IG account which currently has over 2.1 million followers on the platform.

She was born in Russia on December 29, 1991, which makes her age, 26 years old. She originally comes from Siberia – – she is a Siberian native. She has definitely employed herself and she looks very much employed. She won the title as Miss Maxim in 2015.

Ekaterina did play a role as Alicia Vikander in the film called “The Man From U.N.C.L.E” produced by Guy Ritchie.