Alyssa Milano Warms The World With A Tweet To Her Daughter About Her Sexual Assault Story
Alyssa Milano

3 days ago

Alyssa Milano lets her 4-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, know about her sexual assault through a video explaining why she decided to tell the world about it. A thing or two was passed to her daughter.

The 45-year-old actress made this video a year ago and she was not thinking of releasing it today. Fortunately, she did … Click For More Details

Antonella Barba Still Suffers In Jail Following Her Heroin Arrest
Antonella Barba

4 days ago

Antonella Barba, the former American Idol finalist, was arrested in Norfolk, Virginia last week because of the heroin possession with the intent to distribute. The weight of the heroin was more than a 100 grams. The beauty has been denied bail by the magistrate’s office and it seems she ain’t about to receive any … Click For More Details

Does Jayda Wayda Has A Big Future Behind Her? Some Dits
Jayda Wayda

2 months ago

Jayda Wayda is famously known via her former relationship which she had with Lil baby. She has this awesome look, black American but so modern that you couldn’t take your eyes off her that easily. Her other real name is Jayda Ayanna.

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Alexis Skyy Does The Misunderstandings Again
Alexis Skyy

2 months ago

Stop Wondering about Alexis Skyy stories. She has done wonders so many times that she even has a daughter. Her real name is Alexis Skyy Mcfarland.

The 24-year-old is an American reality television personality, entrepreneur, actress, and model. She has that perfect body that drew attention from Fetty Wap who is her co-parent whom they … Click For More Details

Sommer Ray’s Story Before Hard Work And After Fame
Sommer Ray

2 months ago

So this girl wants to be famous… This girl is called Sommer Ray. The beauty was born in Colorado on September 15, 1996, which makes her age, 21 years old. She has beautiful siblings named SkylynSavana,  and Bronson.  

The girl will do anything to get that Instagram goal is done. What Click For More Details


Paris Police Are On High Alert, Kills The Knifeman

2 months ago

They say What happened in Paris stays in Paris. But I guess life isn’t fair for this one dude. A knifeman killed his mother and sister in cold blood in a Paris suburb. The good news to the family is that he has been shot dead by the police. What a tragedy or a victory? … Click For More Details

One Thing That Paris Sky Used To Survive This Long
Paris Sky

2 months ago

The Instagram sensation and model, Paris Sky, what happened to her was really a tragedy but she survived and remained strong as ever. Learn more about Paris and you’ll be amazed. She has started to leave and the wheelchair and walk without it, that’s development.

Paris is a famous model and a makeup artist. Paris … Click For More Details


Ashlyn Castro Dating Michael B Jordan Remains A Victory
Ashlyn Castro

2 months ago

What a beautiful world. Ashlyn Castro is beautiful as an angel so there is no need for Michael B Jordan to act a fool. Does L.A give her all that confidence? She has been a topic on Google and she makes things happen for our boy from Blac Panther. The actor knows he is able … Click For More Details

Angelika Babekov Can Do Anything For That Money, B–ch Is Trouble
Angelika Babekov

2 months ago

Angelika Babekov has been a good person so far. Her relationship with Tyga gave a real boost to her fame. She got invited by Tyga once, to visit Paris. As you know, she was still a teen but she never minded for her to be hooking up with an older dude just like what Kylie … Click For More Details

Catherine Paiz ‘Former Taz Angel’ Has A Bad Background But Fruitful
Catherine Paiz

2 months ago

Catherine Paiz is a Canadian American Instagram sensational Star, Fitness model and an aspiring TV host. She is really worth writing about. She has over 5.3 million followers supporting her all the way up to the top.

She has this popular YouTube channel The ACE Family which she runs with her fellow partner Austin and … Click For More Details