3 Fernanda Motta Refreshing Facts That Matters About Her

March 4th, 2017 - 3:19 pm

What did you not know about Fernanda Motta?. Well, she is a beautiful creature plus she is the host of the most popular Reality TV show.

1. Damn, this is hard to admit but she really is not a cheat. Being a wife for seven(7) years is not a joke. Most celebrity marriages end on rocks. The beauty is proud to be a housewife to her husband, Roge Rodrigues and what’s good about it is that she is serious. With the fame money – – Fernanda still cooks breakfast for her husband and organize things in the house. What a wife!.

2. The 35-year-old model was married when she was 20 years old. What a love she has experienced. Three years later, she and her hubby moved to New York. That’s right – – The life after success and so they said goodbye to Campos de Goytacazes.

3. Fernanda still has not lost her soul. She is still the person who she used to before she was famous. What’s really amazing is that she later visited her country Brazil and she seemed to be such an ordinary person and took a photo at Brand Cori, but what’s amazing is that she asked the vendors gently if she could take a picture.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram

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