How Ashley Martelle Made Amber Rose Developed A Crush On Her

February 1, 2017 - 2:57 pm

Where in the world is Taz’s Angels group heading to?. Leena sayed has finally left but did you know that there are others left that were so important just like her?.

Yes… here goes Ashley Martelle.

In 2015, she left the group and there was a spot unfilled for the mansion. She was kicked out by Cat Da Great – – the main girl, because Cat accused her of dealing and making plans without letting Taz know. See the thing is that many people don’t know Ashley was the it girl from day one.

She is pretty and doing good on her anyway. Her Instagram is pretty decent for a girl like her, comparing to what she used to be. She does like short hair, it’s pink now and she is worth spending time for, on her IG page mostly. Decent looks. No wonder Amber Rose developed a crush on her. I don’t blame her – – She is a Caucasian, race.

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To be honest, her beauty convinces me that she has undergone plastic surgeries on her body. Then her face!!!. She is too beautiful to be true. I can never relate to what I am feeling when my eyes are rolling over her photos. She would have undergone the crazy plastic surgeries.

I don’t know how she used to look before the surgery but she must either be beautiful from the beginning. Note: The procedure is not proven to be done on her.

Her IG is ashleymartelle and as for her SnapChat name is BadAshMartelle. She is a smoking hot girlfriend to Irv Gotti. She is 21-years-old. She is such at a young age and successful. Her networth is estimated to be $100,000 and all of that, She is an Instagram star for starters.

Ashley leaving the Miami Beach Mansion really did the damage. Taz was heart- broken – – meaning less revenue since she attracted so many rich clients.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram

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