Bastian & Maria Yotta, Is This What True Love Looks Like? — The End Is Rushing

August 17th, 2016 - 12:34 am

Well!!! Bastian Yotta used to be such a normal fat guy with no muscles like the way he looks like right now. He was born in Munich, German. He is living in Beverly Hills playing and living his life to the fullest.

This Beverly Hills playboy is reckless and maybe he needs to choose wisely. his wife… no!.

The 38-year-old Tycoon is married to Maria Yotta who is 28 now. The guy used to be ugly and fat but now the checks have helped him in keeping himself in shape.

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He has the money now due to business adventures that he worked out in his life. Now he is living the life he has always desired in all his life.

It was rumored that his wife was there for his money and no love for him. The guy spends a $100,000 a month which is a lot of money to spend. No wonder his wife is showing more love than ever.

I think she saw this coming though.

Now she is deeply trying to take his soul since she seems to have taken a look at everything her husband owns. Check what exercises she is doing together.

What A Love Story!.

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