Canadian Insta-famous Sophia Lodato Is Hotter Than A Flame, Sounds Good To Be True – Lets See — Racy Photos

August 16th, 2016 - 11:42 pm

I have been asking myself this question so many times,over and over. Why are Canadian girls these beautiful?. Why are they always this shinning?. I guess we will never know unless we dig deep.

Sophia Lodato, the girl has been internet famous since the age of 13 even though she has that reputation of lying about her age. She has got her bestie, Sewin, who supports her in nearly everything. They started working as escorts at a very young age.

All and all… The girl is 18 years old now but none of her hometown, Totonto, is accepting the news and tells she is older than that. She is used to hiding her age.

The 18 years old will be turning 19 on October 1st. She smokes too. She has got a Russian face on her. We have to check more on her background.

I guess they saw no more options or opportunities for them. They are so cute to be working at the coffee shops. They hook up and make money and that is an easy way out.

Daamnnn!. Yeah Now You got my point. Pretty much this girl’s azz looks real to me. I got live with that. She is hot against the summer.

There is always a BUT in anything good.

But… It’s been reported that her parents really can not do anything about it since she kinds a provides a bit at her home. Her mother is super supportive to what her daughter, Lodato. It looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree after all.

With the beauty that she has or represents on her Instagram page, makes me wonder if she did not undergo any plastic surgery.

She has a great future behind her and lol, for a white girl, her azz really does look good on her. Canada must be proud.

[Images via Sophia Lodato/Instagram.]

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