Daniella Rodriguez, Next Miss USA Pageant 2016! Who says No!
daniella rodrigues

June 18th, 2016 - 10:12 pm

This miss truly deserves this opportunity. See this.
Daniella Rodriguez is 19 years-old and turning 20 in a month to come which makes this cool. She is one of the most loved American beauty pageant contestant.
Daniella is currently studying and teaching making herself a well fined woman at Texas A&M International University.
A woman with an education is a woman with more beauty. Since she is from Texas, ain’t no need to fuss no more about her beauty.
Her fame came to light after some competitions in beauty pageants over the years and she is currently the former Miss Texas Teen USA who had her special moment in 2013.
[Images via Daniella Rodrigues/Instagram.]
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