Dear Wealthy People, Andrea Jarova Is High-reaching, Nothing Is Off About Her

February 26, 2017 - 5:47 pm

Being beautiful is a burden sometimes… Slavokian model Andrea Jarova knows how to live with that burden and she is cool with it. The beauty has no problem of showing her naked ample chest to the public using her social media accounts. The allure has been awarded as Playmate of the Month in October 2011 for the Hungarian edition of Playboy, what an opportunity.

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Damn, she is popular. That is what most people give her in return, FAME. This chick is not a good example but that is just my opinion. She had a piece of fame and I bet she still has some fans over there in Europe – – at least she still has some but then moved to Miami. That is where all the crazy stuff happens.

At Miami Beach, that is her favorite place where most of her money coming in. Andrea was born on March 13, 1984. Her height is 5 feet 6 inches and that makes her tall enough.

I really can not describe this – – even though in this generation, it is a normal thing to date old rich guys. It is no surprise. Girls nowadays just want the money and nothing else. They believe in the end, your handsomeness won’t be able to feed them.

So a piece of advice, WORK!.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram

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