DJ Khaled definitely didn’t stick to the script in Pitch Perfect 3!
Dj Khaled Asahd

December 21st, 2017 - 1:00 am

Have you got the news that Dj Khaled is playing the role as himself in the movie Pitch Perfect 3?. So far so good. The actor is really with the acting career right now. He is truly a writer as he didn’t stick to the script in the film. All he said was all himself and the director loved it.

According to his castmates on the setting, they confirmed the great talent that Khaled has on acting. He is just so hilarious. He is a fun addition to the movie and everything to him comes naturally like he does not have to act but being him.

According to Ruby Rose agreed and gave a hard truth:

“DJ Khaledis literally DJ Khaled and that’s it, all of the time. I think even when he’s sleeping, he’s like, ‘Bless up, they don’t want you to sleep!’ Like there is no conversation where you feel like you’re having a casual chat with him.”

Everybody loves Khaled and it is so obvious that he will make the movie more popular and so unique as what he did in the movie Spiderman Homecoming.

Rudy was left in an admiring state of mind, telling all the good things about the 42-year-old musician and producer.

“He did not stick to the script at all. Everything he said is just DJ Khaled himself, because he’s just so hilarious and he’s a fun addition to this movie because he’s just so organic,” Chrissie Fit told TooFab.

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