Drake’s Unclear Thoughts On His Feelings For Jennifer Lopez On His New Single
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August 1st, 2018 - 9:49 pm

Time has been good to the Canadian rapper, Drake, 31, it’s hit to hits coming from him. Lately, the rapper has dropped some two new singles and everybody has been translating the songs into many things. In it, he has come forward with two major key themes: his lifestyle and all the bad and goods he faces in his career.

With a little heads up, the fans really were prepared with drop and guess how careful they got at listening to a cool message like this.


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What the Drake delivered was heavy and yes the way his career goes, it’s definitely God’s plan. His first track “God’s Plan” has been a success so far as it has gone viral – – into a synth-heavy cadence. Even though a short snippet was released earlier this month and things turned lit to him and the fans are really making them houses bounce.

The track is so full of his personal issues and about the people who truly love and care for him. What they wishing on him and how truly he is really grateful to have them in his life.

“I don’t wanna die for them to miss me / Guess I see the things that they wishin’ on me,” he sings.

He then takes a look at his old and compare it to his famous life right now and thank God for it. As he has had a beef with so many rappers such as Meek Mill and has made all of that BS behind him.

In the song, he claims that he can not do that sh#t on his own. He also reveals that with his success, he has encountered so many haters that wish him to fail. He also does not fail to elaborate and dedicate a line to his loyal friends and collaborators from day one who has been there supporting him all the up to where he is today.

“Without 40, Oli, there would be no me / Imagine if I never met the broskis,” sings Drake making it clear that his career would not have survived this long if it weren’t for his producer Noah “40” Shebib as he hits a reflective note in the first of two songs.

Drake is not done making it all public like all the rappers do. His drop also included another single called “Diplomatic Immunity” which is another track supporting his feelings which he is pouring into the world along with heavy metals.


It’s no secret that Champagnepapi and Jennifer Lopez were dating and the two decided to keep it in the open once via an Instagram photo in which the two seemed very cozy and in love. The single included to the lyric: “2010 was when I lost my halo, / 2017 I lost a J-Lo”. He seemed to have had a very intensive relationship with the J-Lo but the love was a one-way treat as J-Lo rejected the rumors and denied him on media that they were not dating and were just friends.

Later on she got in bed with another guy famously known as Alex Rodriguez and so that was a dead end for Champagnepapi. But good things have come out great as he has continued to flourish in his own form as he sounds like no other rapper in the game and has some number of great music awards.

By late last January, The 31-year-old rapper was spotted having some quality time with the French ex-porn star Sophie ‘Rosee Divine’ Brussaux at a Japanese restaurant in Amsterdam. This got into buzz situation at that time as he has also made a statement on his Diplomatic Immunity, “A Rotterdam trip had me on the front page, though,” as he clearly seemed to have referred to the event.

Also, things went sideways as Sophie made claims to have been impregnated by Drake and that the rapper allegedly asked her to have an abortion right away as she showed some proof of them texting.

Last year, May, Drizzy denied to be the father of the baby Sophie was carrying and explained how inauthentic and fake the text messages were and this really made people thought of the pornstar as the liar and hungry for the fame.

Drake is so ambitious and he is so clear about his future in his music. One fact is that he has never been married before. He seems to have a thing for powerful women, unlike many other rappers. I guess he is ambitious and has got a big Ego.

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