Empire Stars Yazz And Serayah Not Dating Remains A Mystery, He Is Reasonable

November 18, 2016 - 7:45 am
Empire Stars Yazz And Serayah Not Dating Remains A Mystery, He Is Reasonable

Empire stars do really know how to fall in love. Guess… They follow what they are preaching after all. Serayah McNeill and Bryshere Yazz Gray seems to have hit it off or slept together off the show but here the comes in.

The two Empire sweethearts are in for a payroll from the cover issue promoted by Seventeen magazine, November 22. What an extend they have so far in their income apart from Empire. Every body has got a role model in mind, if not one then many and sometimes you can’t choose the right one.
As the words she gave on the interview with the mag, She has some big dreams cover in her life:

“You can dream on something, meditate on it, and want it, but what’s equally important is doing all the work you possibly can… I always look at Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant—they were the first ones in the gym and the last ones in the gym. And I just was watching a documentary on Beyoncé, where a background singer was saying that Beyoncé’s the first and last one in the stadium to rehearse. I thought that was awesome. It’s those moments that count, and that’s why those people are who they are.”

She always wants to be that great of all times. What really counts is that she knows what it takes to be that champion and not just imagine the dream but to do the work. As we have seen on the show she is currently working in, she is a good performer and looks like she has great future in the entertainment industry.

Serayah on overcoming her insecurity:

“I hated my hair—it always felt poufy and curly and people would poke it and ask, ‘Why is it so big?’ I started dyeing and cutting it and trying to make it as straight as possible. Then I got this role on Empire where I wear my hair big and natural, and I’ve come to realize it’s beautiful.”

Yazz on why he and Serayah aren’t a real-life couple: 

“She’s a cool girl. She’s very attractive, but we’re just so much friends, like homies.”

He admits to be in friends zone only, even thou he thinks of her with great personality. What goes on the show is just business. Yazz has made himself a very good name for a rapper. Even thou they look great together, the two decided to keep it profesional unlike Trai Bryers and Grace Gealey, They are happily married.
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Photo Source: Instagram