Damaris Lopez Should Be Given A Trophies… Why Not?
damaris lopez

December 8th, 2015 - 12:41 pm

The Knockout Model, Damaris Lopez is one hell of a model whose body definitely makes life seems that much interesting.

But some girls like Kylie Jenner who are making it through undergoing some private plastic surgeries are lucky enough with no such extent beauty. Of course!, the Kardashians were born with such charisma but it doesn’t justify the fact Damaris Lopez is the hottest and that is if we go comparing them naturally, Lopez could win.

Lopez has been a video model and a shining light started to show from her especially after the appearance in the ‘hotline bling’ music video performed by Drake. The one on the first scene that she looked bending over her booty while getting herself some water and walked back at her office spot.

They say that all beautiful girls has it easy to the top and of course that’s the truth but unfortunately it can be difficult if they don’t know what to do about their beauty or with their beauty.

When it comes to Dominican models, the room is getting hotter and hotter. Dem girls are beautifully blessed… and that’s a fact. This model has Youtube channel and she last uploaded 4 years ago.
Please Don’t be mistaken, she is not Adamaris Lopez.

Some years passed, Beyonce claimed that girls do run the world in a way that they control men and they are ones inspiring us to be the great ones. Well that’s true enough and just imagine that what if they could all figure this out and decide to stick with their lovers just to help them reach their goals. Wouldn’t the world be a better place with less struggle? and unfortunately they actually make this life more difficult than it already is by loving the dollar so much. They definitely know how to use our weak spot.

[Images via Damaris Lopez/Instagram.]

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