I Hate Russia For This – – Viki Odintcova Should Stop

February 2, 2017 - 5:02 pm

Russia doesn’t seem to run out of beautiful models like these any time soon. Hi! Guys, today we meet again on unregular model, where does she come from?. Who doesn’t like Russian models or actresses?, Nha?. Okay!.

Viki Odintcova is a Russian model who is such a big deal on camera. Travels a lot as you have noticed that every photo below has a location captioned. She made her debut huge fame from the popular Playboy magazines.

She was born at Saint Petersburg, Russia. I claim this spicy model is %100 natural. Russia does not like plastic surgery that much as compared to USA especially the Hollywood actors and models. It’s a mess out there. Before and after the plastic surgery, the model has no change except for the beauty.

Her hair and eye color are both brown. Successful as she is – – she is only 22 years old

Boyfriend? No, she is currently single but she recently hooked up with Fernando Alonso. What a progress.

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Her bum is really amazing. How classy can this woman be more than that. All of her photos are stunning. I hate her for this. Should I just be blogging about her only?. But wait… I can’t. I am a professional. Yeah that what a rookie would say.

I wonder thou. She does have a thing for Dubai. I just am curious since she is this marvelous and Dubai has lots of rich men, I wonder what amount of money she would probably refuse due to the fact a rich man in that City can offer even a million for sex.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram