Star Sophia Lillis To Play As Young Amy Adams “Sharp Objects”
Sophia Lillis

December 18, 2017 - 3:03 pm

Sophia Lillis has even better life now than she used to because of her new look or how she has decided to keep it. The young actress is now 15 years old now. It tastes nice that she has become that interesting for looking like like Amy Adams.

Sophia plays Beverly Marsh in “It”. On HBO, Lillis is to play the youngest version of Adams’ character, Camille Preaker, on the upcoming series, “Sharp Objects“.

The beauty has been set to haul in at least $50k for the gig and the money only starts to increase from there. What an awesome start up boost of an income. I guess she has Hollywood waiting for her more.

Amy Adams

Does she really look like her?. From HBO pictures and how they make her, they are totally alike, check this pic out here.


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