Jane B Has A Taken Life Turn, So Sad :|

October 1, 2017 - 11:13 pm

Jane B aka Hello Janey, a go go dancer 💃. She loves her job and of course she is happy 😄 about it. But she has been fired from FLUXX recently, so sad :|.

The place she was working at is out of business which leads to question if she will next be an escort or try another job.

Hello Janey is a Filipino so you can imagine how amazing she must be on photos as well as in person. She is gorgeous, claiming Fluxx has gone out of business because of her being fired, meaning she was the one making the business alive in there. Do you agree all agree to her brain’s fantasy?.

Lately, she has been assigned as the Monster Energy girl. So I guess she would be good in the long run.

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