Jayde Pierce Is Expecting First Child, Guess Who The Baby Daddy Is…

November 20, 2016 - 11:43 pm
Jayde Pierce Is Expecting First Child, Guess Who The Baby Daddy Is...

Justin Bieber‘s rumored girlfriend Jayde Pierce is really taking it to the next level. What’s in the past stays in the past. Justin used to go out dating Jayde but now it seems that they have both forgotten that even used to hook up or doing exercises at the Equinox gym in Los Angeles together.

Jayde is not that girl anymore. She has lost those teen feelings a long time ago. The 21-year-old qualified UK therapist, model and makeup artist is already a matured being. Her romantic life has taken a turn and now she is expecting.
Wait… The model has always wanted to be a mother as it seems for her to never even think of abortion. Well that’s good news and lesson for most young girls. But I have to give it to Bieber for making all of his exes matured. For instance Lets take a look at Selena Gomez, Jasmine V and more. After they have dated, they all leave and act like grown women. What’s up with him?… Is it a good thing or?.

Jayde is expecting a baby with her handsome boyfriend Mike Dixon. The boy is a fellow blogger and definitely their child will be having role models in her life early in childhood. She seems to have been keeping it a secret for nearly six months, that’s a lot of time.

“Keeping this a secret for 6 months was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but it felt necessary for me,” she gave word as a description of a YouTube video she made explaining about her pregnancy.

She claims she was not expecting to be a mother anytime soon but since she and her bae are so deep in love. She must as well keep it. What a change of love.

“I was shocked – – when I found out I was pregnant,” the 21-year-old UK model said. “My initial thought was, ‘s#%t,’ because I didn’t want kids in life. I didn’t think I’d have kids. So when I found out I was like, ‘Oh my god.’ And then I just got over it… We both love each other so much. We live together. We have a two bedroom beautiful apartment. Financially, we’re good.”

With the love she has for the coming child is huge. She explains how ready she is and she is important will forever be loved. Dixon has been a good sweetheart boyfriend to her and yes he has all the access. Don’t you ever bring about cheating issues… Mmmhh but who does not cheat. Especially when you are big as them.

The Babe is so happy even when you slap her in the face she will just keep smiling. She shared on her Instagram page;

I’m in love with my baby bump and the little life we have created but the feeling of pregnancy bloating is no joke!

What this model is doing is really such an exemplary decision to most young women who think that having kids might ruin their beauty. But Naahh! she proves otherwise which is great news. Her lips, waist, her ample bosom does genuinely the trick on her IG. The ample cleavage that she portrays is dope is what keeps her account fun.

This big deal of a model on IG became famous or rose to fame after she was spotted with the world’s sweetheart Justin Bieber late 2015. JB was seen naked with manhood out while she enjoyed the view. This really proved they were having it flamed in bed.

Photo Source: Instagram

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