Lena Meyer Landrut isn’t as Bad as You Think
Lena Meyer Landrut

April 9, 2016 - 4:50 am
Lena Meyer Landrut is the German singer-songwriter has repeatedly been receiving Anorexic criticism claiming she is thin with no curves on her hips which is too cold for her. Lena made an appearance with a cool, new short hair on a red carpet at ECHO Awards 2016 and she was brutally insulted that the dress she wore that night was perfect but not for her and she lacked the curves. what a 1.

Her fans were worried about her health since she looked like she hasn’t eaten for days. She looked ‘shockingly thin’ and that’s scared the fans and so they attacked hard on her instagram, throwing comments. They kinda liked the hair thou.

According to this photo above that she posted on her instagram page, she kinda showed her curvy hips; showing what they are saying is not true. She showed what a great body she has.

[Images via Lena Meyer Landrut/Instagram.]

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