Madonna Spotted With Idris Elba Kissing, After Hot Match In London

November 1st, 2016 - 12:44 pm

As Idris Elba succeeds the kickboxing match, he gets lucky and got a million dollar kiss.

Madonna is seen kissing in London after the fact she was there to cheer him on. What is up with Madonna’s mouth not feeling bad at all when it comes to kissing strangers.

Not only she was there to cheer him on but reports say the two kissed and it was sexy and love gesture.

Right after the match, they went to dinner together at M Restaurant and all looked happy as ever. The two seemed to be eyeing each other making moments to each other.

According to the sun, the source says:

“There was nothing subtle about it, no attempt to hide. It was very blatant. They were at the party for about an hour, they would dance, go off to smooch, then mingle a bit more. They only had eyes for each other. That seemed very clear.”

Guess The Bad Mother of all time is into black guys now and not quitting anytime soon.

But Madonna is known to be having fun in that kind a way.

[Images via Madonna/Instagram.]

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