Meek Mill Gets Apologized, Some Drake Beef Might Be Over Soon

November 14, 2016 - 1:22 am
Meek Mill Gets Apologized, Some Drake Beef Might Be Over Soon , nicki minaj pictures

Meek Mill has respect from the streets and many big rappers. Why he got into beef with Joe Budden, remains a mystery. It started a small but grew up big. The feud was real but it just was not trending and it is with Drake.

The New Jersey rapper has decided to bury the hatchet and let bygones be bygones. Life is short. On the latest episode of his podcast at a show called ‘I’ll Name This Podcast Later’, Joe got the apology off his chest by letting everyone who was watching the show know that he wants to apologize.

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“I wanted to call him and apologize,” Budden says while discussing about Meek’s DC4 album release and the feud with Drake. “You know what, man, Meek is a friend of the show now. I would like to send Meek a bottle.”

Meek has grown up enough to earn that respect. He seems to be wise now till the angry-free rapper decided to let go of the grudge he was holding all this time.

Drake‘s beef with Meek still is on and the two are not about to end their differences. The good news about this is that it has added the value to their names as they both looked like they were fighting for Nick Minaj‘s azz.

Photo Source: Instagram