Meet Model Katya Elise Henry, This Model Might Be The One That Get You Jailed

March 12, 2017 - 11:30 am

Icons are born on Instagram every day and it is becoming harder and harder to know the real beauty champions. Women nowadays know how to keep themselves steady into becoming famous.

Why did I just say that she might land you in jail? — Just take a look at her Instagram. What if you encounter her in the streets or a mall, you might get tempted and be a stalker and guess where you might end up.

Katya Elise Henry is a famous American fitness model, social media personality and a one special of a kind beauty. She is mostly known for her fitness related photos and videos that usually get shared by her on the popular photo-sharing platform, Instagram

Katya is largely known as she has that Instagram fame as Sommer Ray has. We can all argue but really they look like they have got the same physique. Their bum shapes are the same and it’s no wonder since they both know work out to gain the best results. Their before and after stories are the real testimonials.

The famous Internet hot peach is currently living Miami, Florida but she was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has black hair and eyes that all match up and keeps her image constantly refreshing.

Models nowadays are happier than ever especially for those who have made it. Like this 22-year-old allure has currently over 3.3 million followers and counting.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram

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