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February 10th, 2017 - 3:10 am

Life has many things but being broke is no joke. I tell you. People come from different places, they go through different measures just to get here. What would do if you really wanted to succeed?. Modeling is such a big industry and where the most money girls for girls who are hot enough to make men blow off some steam.

Jessica Burciaga used to work as a waitress in a Hooters restaurant in Anaheim. That place is known to be filled with pretty women and it has been a start off place for many models.

First of all, before all of that, she started appearing in different music videos right after graduating High School as music video extra when she was not even considered to be a video vixen.

Her snapshot is Jess.Burciaga. Her Instagram has more than 1.6 million followers.

How did she get famous?…

Not simple. Just imagine she worked her way up to being a February 2009 Playmate of the month from being a waitress, serving drinks at Hooters. Damnn! That’s a jump.

Models like Jessica Burciaga can be a treat to your marriage. You should be scared when your husband is very successful. You should work hard on the wife skills to protect your marriage.

Kobe Bryant is such a big name, so it is not normal for her. In 2011, in her career, it was a
miracle at some point. It was rumored that Jessica was the one who caused Kobe’s marriage to end. Before and after the divorce, the two were still hanging out and having a good time. Also, it was rumored that Floyd Mayweather had an encounter with her.

So far so good, she has made a lot of money being a cover model, about that. Money ain’t a thing to her.

The 33-year-old allure does have that look that amps her status higher. The model looks like Jennifer Lopez.

Her background?…

She is a famous American model and popular social media personality. The beauty is currently 33 years old. I hope she does not age. she was born in Santa Fe Springs, California, USA and her birthdate is 11. April 1983.

Talking about her beauty? Makeups? She wears expensive products such as MAC and CHANEL bronzer. In 2014, the model had to undergo tattoo removal and that time, the procedure was painful. Now tattoo removal is easy and not that much of a pain included.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram

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