Not Into Barbie Ferreira? Then You’re Losing Your Internet Bundle – – See What Teen Vogue Had To Say

December 20, 2016 - 5:57 am

Ever wonder why a woman you meet in the streets is just different and you just can’t approach since she is too expensive?.

Well! There goes Barbie Ferreira, she is a plus-size model. She is super curved and I get it now why she has so many fans on the internet world especially Instagram.

Barbie gained fame after kindly sharing her racy photos on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. She is a famous American model whose age is 20 years old. She is so simple but yet so famous. Her IG account has over 376k followers and counting.

Barbie represents a very popular clothing line called “Aerie” from the agency American Eagle Outfitters. She gets paid huge by this company.

On The Teen Vogue‘s September issue, Barbie introduced the ‘Body Party’ series which was highly supported. She appeared in those video series encouraging girls to get real about their body imaging and overcome fat shaming, being happy with who you are right now and never look down on yourself.

The 20-year-old beauty is working so hard and she is so refreshing AF to see her so much into work representing all of the curvy girls out there. This Instagram phenomenon does it better.

Her eyes are brown and hair is also brown which keeps her beauty constantly refreshing.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram

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