Savannah Wilson Wants You To Know This About Her, Not A Good Girl At All

October 17, 2016 - 11:43 pm

Savannah Wilson is the person to like if you don’t know the whole story. She is from Ohio and now living in Los Angeles.

This chick is not the one to fall for. She is cute and all that but no matter what you have to be careful.

She has broken up with her boyfriend and she never set her heart to regret the decision. She says she is the girl that cares for no people but herself.

The beauty has a really good body that is in shape which she claims getting it after fasting a lot to have that magnet.

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Savannah has no friends and if you call drug addicts friends, be my guest.

Who supports their daughter following rules of this world. That she gets supports from her father even if what she is doing is wrong. She is an escort.,

But from the way she looks she seems to have undergone multiple plastic surgeries to keep herself more refreshing. A lot of girls are going through this process to get some serious attention from many many men.

[Images via Savannah Wilson/Instagram.]