Shiva Safai’s Married Status Is All That Matters
shiva sifai

March 4th, 2017 - 2:56 am

Who wants to know Shiva Safai?. I really am good at this. So take a cup of tea and have some read of this beauty. I have always been protecting their image and giving the real truth about these models.

You will be surprised of what this models do to reach their goals.

Is she a gold digger?. I can not tell that for sure. Life gets harder as time goes by. I let you be the judge. She used to date a nearly successful property developer but the thing is the man went broke and things got ugly for till she decided to get a divorce and bounced.

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This is not good. Love is rear these days but I continue to see people still falling in love with the wrong people.

Let’s get on with the story. After the guy went broke, shivai decided to leave the poor guy and freed herself into becoming someone new. What does do now?. Let’s say she is living her dreams and for sure now, she seems to not be regretting anything.

She is the type of girl who do something strange for money. She is used to be sleeping with old scumbags like Mohamed Hadid. She is the fiancee to Mohamed and definitely she made a good choice. Mohamed has two famous successful daughters Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid who are both supermodels.

Shiva’s dream seems to have been the most complicated or not at all. The girl grew up thru a hard life and has little education. Most girls with no perfect careers always end up dreaming of meeting a wealthy man who can save her. So she has found her dream and living it.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram

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