Some Models like Jessica Kylie Should Be Given Trophies… Why Not?

June 10, 2016 - 1:32 pm

Who is Jessica Kylie?. She is a famous American Hip-hop video model, actress and a popular media socialite.

Jessica’s beauty is a bless which has got her so many opportunities from different leading commercial magazines such as Mixed Magazine, Quest Magazine, Stack Magazine and many more. She is one of the popular video models in the hip-hop industry.

She has been featured in many popular music videos and that is why she deserves this crown of beauty from THE SPNZ.

Her appearance in music Videos: “No Games” – Rick Ross Ft. Future, “How Many Times” – Dj Khaleed Ft. Big Sean, Chris Brown and Lil Wayne, “Body” – Nelly and Jermaine Dupri and many more.

Lamynn Farrington: “Some years passed, Beyonce claimed that girls do run the world in a way that they control men and they are ones inspiring us to be the great ones. Well that’s true enough and just imagine that what if they could all figure this out and decide to stick with their lovers just to help them reach their goals.”

“Wouldn’t the world be a better place with less struggle? and unfortunately they actually make this life more difficult than it already is, by loving the dollar so much since they definitely know how to use our weak spot to ask for it.”

Back to the point; Kylie has been a contestant in the reality TV show ‘Wild N Out’ which was aired on MTV2. For models to be in this show is big exposure and it means that a model has the potential of becoming a star in the near future hence making the right connections.

Jessica was born on 30, April in Houston, Texas. Her hair color is blonde and her eyes are dark brown.

[Images via Jessica Kylie/Instagram.]