Sommer Ray Hacked Scandal
sommer ray

December 22, 2016 - 10:25 am

So this girl wants to be famous… This girl is called Sommer Ray. She will do anything to get that instagram goal done. What is so upsetting is that she is not being real at all that is so not cool.

Can you believe? She just bought an IG account with 10 million followers claiming she was hacked. After being hacked, she come in with a 10 million followers. You know that it is so f–king hard to own that number on IG. Yes, I admit she can twerk.

Other fitness models on that social network really know the importance of getting followers naturally. a few months ago she did have less than 15,000 followers but now?. It seems that her mom is rich and she will do anything for her daughter.

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Sommer should be that professional and thankful for her mom for not being that religious.

She is also a queen of publicity stunt, she has pulled one by disappearing without telling anyone even her manager. She was reported missing by her manager to the police. Now she is back and safe with no good reason why she was missing for a few days.

Last year, she claimed that her bum is real saying:

No butt injection or implant in the world is equivalent to real hard earned muscle. Haters are gonna hate but I’ve worked hard for almost 5 years to build my booty. If it were fake i’d tell ya, I’m no liar but I am a hard worker and come from parents who used to body build aka good genes. But I don’t need to prove anything I just don’t like busting my butt day after day in the gym for some b*tch to have the audacity to say it’s fake.

Do you think it is fake?

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Photo Courtesy: Instagram