Soulja Boy Sued Again, He Is Not A Boy Anymore

November 1, 2016 - 12:14 pm

We thought Soulja Boy was just a rapper but it seems he is in it for real, no playing around like most rappers.

He is being sued $10,000 by Skrill Dilly, New Orleans rapper, who won’t drop charges anytime soon till he gets paid. Soulja has been annoyed by this dude and he never wanted to waste them bullets so he decided to show what he is really about.

Soulja posted on his Instagram threatening the scared man to back off or he will kill him soon and already put a gun bounty on him. What Skrill says is that he is not allowed to visit his daughter by his baby mama thus he is suing him for medical charges and other things for 10k. What a brain!.

Soulja Boy revealed the truth behind the story saying the gun in the video was fake.

Well!! That was a good game for Soulja except he might actually pay $10 K.

[Images via Soulja Boy/Instagram.]

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