Sommer Ray’s Beauty Achievement As The Butt Queen
sommer ray

December 8th, 2016 - 7:24 am

Sommer Ray has passed thru my eyes and I just have written about her. Haters gotta hate and writers gotta write too. This chick has got the most amazing eyes ever. Looking at her pictures, I’m like is she looking at me?. Well!, enough about me.

Sommer is an American from Denver, Colorado. She is young, 20 years, and successful.

She is known for her workout and fitness related videos that she regularly shares on her Instagram page. Her IG has more than 11.1 million followers which are a huge success for her.

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The 20-year-old allure is becoming one of the big stars on IG who shines the Instagram app in the eyes of the people. Her physical attractiveness has a huge impact and Damn she is fine. With the allure that she claims to have possessed after working out – – is it true or she is just using her beauty selling products.

Maxim recognizes her as the Selfie Queen or butt queen. She has no shame when it comes to flaunting her butt. She is also lovely and confident and knows what angle a selfie will suffice.

Do you know an IG model known as Yodit Yemane?. She is also gorgeous and I wonder if she will meet this model’s standards one day. I like her. Her body and skin blossoms.

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The thing about IG, you never know who is going to be next Big Thing in it since anyone can take a photo and edit it in a way that can gain them more followers.

She has dark hair and hazel eyes.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram

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