Kathy Ferreiro Has Something For You
kathy ferreiro

June 8, 2016 - 3:10 am

Kathy Ferreiro is a famous Cuban blonde model and social media personality that was born in Miami, Florida. She surely does have the genes from Cuba, no doubt when you take a serious stare at her body. She still resides in Miami.

One of the models that got best known from Instagram is Kathy Ferriro.

The 22 years-old Bikini model rose to fame from her social activities on Instagram and since then she got many gigs from commercial events and was given the name as the Cuban Kim Kardashian.

Cubans are totally awesome. Their women have got these curves and they are so compelling for sure. So this proves that Cuba is not only for tourism but also the beauty of its women.

[Images via Kathy Ferreiro/Instagram.]