Trisha Paytas Is Out Of The League To Have Sex With Marlyn Manson, That’s Not What She Is Saying Thou

August 17, 2016 - 4:44 am

Trisha Paytas is an actress, model and Youtube Personality.

She is a famous American who has had a share of fame after her posting videos on her Youtube channel. She has crazy videos plus a huge numbers of followers from her social media accounts. Her channel has 2 million estimated subscribers.

Her hair color is dyed-blonde and eye color is hazel. She has a nice nose, lets just hope she did not do anything to that nose look cool as Hollywood star.

Even thou people may go hard on her by saying mean comments, she is still makes some pretty figures at the end of the day.

What she really sucks for is that she has claimed to have slept with Marlyn Manson which most people find absolutely not true. It’s not accepted since much respect is paid to Manson. He can choose to sleep with any one he likes.

[Images via Trisha Paytas/Instagram.]