Ultimately! Kylie Jenner Has Got Her Revenge On Her Infamous Impersonater
Kylie Jenner

December 19, 2017 - 9:02 pm

Everybody knows The Kardashians are fragile when it comes to people impersonating them. They just let things be but I guess Kylie Jenner has had enough of it and decided to take a step.

The KUWTK star found out someone is using her her old phone number, how they got it – nobody really knows. The Wanna-be is using it to impersonate her and it seems to really be affecting her career.

Kylie walked on social media telling her 23 million Twitter followers, made them to beware of her situation so they would not get scammed, she wrote:

“the person who has my old number is pretending to be me… so anyone who had my ********** beware. Feel free to give it a call.”

What do you think the impersonate can do to cause large damages?. Or may our Kylie is just tripping?. What would do if you get kylie’s old phone number?.