What Are Gizel Gizel and Kasey Hill doing? Mutual Benefis? Mmmhhh

December 5, 2016 - 8:24 pm
The above one is Gizel Gizel

What is this?. Are they hooking up?. They really should get a room.

I wonder why Gizel Gizel is so into Kasey Hill. Gizel can’t seem to stop promoting Kasey. The two looks cute together thou.

Which brings up the question if she used to a dude or not… I wonder what these two have in common except for the hotness.

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When it comes to Gizel, she is specifically into dudes. With that cleavage trend she has going on the internet. She could easily make a difference even when she is not that famous as Kasey Hill.

What happened to Kasey? This one down here…

From being an Aussie in Australia to Las Vegas, really?. What a thirsty life must she have had.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram