The Weeknd Terminates Partnership With H&M As G-Eazy Reaching For A Door Out Too
The Weeknd

7 months ago

All of this with just because of a hoodie with monkey jokes on it. I wish it was that simple but it’s not the jokes as to why they ended the partnership.

Did The Weeknd just bail on a multi-million dollar deal just because he thinks the company is racist?. Yes, he did it and he is all about no regrets. That’s right, He cut ties with such a big brand with no care about losing the money in the long run.

H&M as the international retail chain ran the ad for its new product a ‘sweatshirt” and things got weird for most of the big celebrities who are fans and proud of being black. The company featured a black boy wearing a sweatshirt emblazoned with the words “coolest monkey in the jungle”. Those five words put on that sweatshirt was considered simple as H&M could not know the impacts of it, leading to losing The Weeknd and G-Eazy in the process.

The Canadian singer is really about the black culture and other endorsement deals are at the major risk for this. The Canadian hip-hop singer whose real name is Abel Tesfaye began working with the Sweden-based company for its 2017 Spring Icons Collection and had also worked as a model for some of its apparel. As we know that The Weeknd is such a big artist in the world and revoking the endorsement deal from H&M could mean that the company would so much in many of its stores where most would consider it racist.

Here is how Tesfaye broke ties with simple sharp words;

The brand is taken as its intention was to deprive black people and that they do not fit to be king of the world. NBA star LeBron James did come to a conclusion with his own edited version of the sweatshirt with the crown on the chest area and the gold crown on the black boy and addition of the four strong words on top of the boy stating “King Of The World”.

@hm u got us all wrong! And we ain’t going for it! Straight up! Enough about y’all and more of what I see when I look at this photo. I see a Young King!! The ruler of the world, an untouchable Force that can never be denied! We as African Americans will always have to break barriers, prove people wrong and work even harder to prove we belong but guess what, that’s what we love because the benefits at the end of the road are so beautiful!! #LiveLaughLove❤️ #LoveMyPeople🤴🏾👸🏾👨🏾‍⚖️👩🏾‍⚖️

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G-Eazy has also been touched by this move that the company made and made him ending up terminating his partnership with H&M once and for all and he needed it to be done instantly and that’s according his latest Instagram post. The rapper announced Tuesday (Jan. 9) that he is ending his partnership with H&M ahead of his upcoming line with the clothing company.

Eazy came with his own idea with other words the brand could use such  as those on his IG post “King In The World”

Over the past months I was genuinely excited about launching my upcoming line and collaboration with @HM… Unfortunately, after seeing the disturbing image yesterday, my excitement over our global campaign quickly evaporated, and I’ve decided at this time our partnership needs to end. Whether an oblivious oversight or not, it’s truly sad and disturbing that in 2018, something so racially and culturally insensitive could pass by the eyes of so many (stylist, photographer, creative and marketing teams) and be deemed acceptable. I can’t allow for my name and brand to be associated with a company that could let this happen. I hope that this situation will serve as the wake up call that H&M and other companies need to get on track and become racially and culturally aware, as well as more diverse at every level.

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H&M is high accused of social media of being racist and the Internet does not take it as a mistake but the hate the company has against the black people. The outrage on different social media platforms is real.

As the company has removed the sweatshirt from all the retail stores to protect its image and the product will not be available again as it has clearly stated thou no apology has been issued towards the black people so far.

The Weekend has done such a good business move ending his relationship with the company and not working for it anymore since all the blame would have later fallen back to him as the real influencer of those considered racist words on the sweatshirt of the proud black child. This is according to the experts in the industry.

“If The Weeknd didn’t resign from the partnership, he would have been the one to receive more backlash than H&M,” Marshal Cohen, chief industry advisor of The NPD Group, Inc., explained. “He would’ve been targeted as the one who was insensitive and out of touch with reality. The fact that he immediately stepped away from it, this feels like punishment has been delivered [to H&M].”

In spite of major touchy feelings from the consumers, Cohen thinks the controversy will be short lived and he is not wrong as this has happened with many major brands but with different causes.

“We as consumers have a very short memory. Time is going be their best asset. And the mere fact that The Weeknd stepped away is what’s ironically going to help them in the long run,” Cohen said.


Vanessa Hanson The Amazing UFC Ring Girl
Vanessa Hnason

8 months ago

The UFC ring Vanessa Hanson is not such a disappointing after all, she looks good as her soul within. From the info, she is under several model management agencies such as Dulcedo Models in Canada, MuseNYC and TBM LA.

You should have seen the model at the T-Mobile Arena, how marvelous she was with her fellow ring girls, Brookliyn Wren and Hello Janey.

She has those modeling genes.

Roxy Horner’s Lit Or Not?
Roxy Horner

8 months ago

Damn, this is good. They say some models look ugly when they are young but Roxy horner has it different for sure. The girl was well raised and knows herself better, and that is what is needed in the game.

This is the pic of hers when she was 13. Look how cute she was. It seems she knew who she wanted to be ever since she was young.

Roxy this look that if you spot her instagram for the first time, she will amaze you and take her for a such a reputable successful model.

Luma Grothe’s Potential, Victoria Secret Confirms This, So Should You
luma grothe

2 years ago
Don’t you play tough no more? This amazing young upcoming Brazilian model, Luma Grothe is a person to look for. You know why?. She totally deserves it. At least Victoria’s Secret Agency sees that.

Who is she?. Luma is a famous Brazilian model who has now been able to snatch an opportunity for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show In Paris 2016. What totally cute about this is that she started her modeling career at the age of 16. Of course, her success is big right now as she has worked with some of the best fashion companies.
Luma has made big appearances at such big named brands such as Vivienne, Westwood, Versace, Burberry and many more. She is slim plus she works out which makes her body more awesome than she originally is.
Since working at the age of 16, Luma’s net worth is now worth $1 million. What a success!. She is still young so might elevate that such a high level.
Photo Courtesy: Instagram

Elsa Hosk To Open Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Next Big Thing Is What She Is
elsa hosk

2 years ago
Elsa Hosk is opening up a popular fashion show next week. Her awesomeness amazes.

Let’s hope she is getting the right people on her side. Before people could take the chance and give it to the well-known models like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Megan Fox… These two always gets the most airtime and let other models who are more attractive than them, not getting known.

She is doing good thou but not that good thou. Her net worth is $1.5 million.

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I love Elsa Hosk. She is a Swedish and age of 29, born in Stockholm, Sweden. She is heavily described as The Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Also, Elsa will be with other models on the show such as Jasmine Tookes, Lily Aldridge, Taylor Hill and many more.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram