Dominican CatDaGreat, The Main Sister Wife To Know All About Taz’s Angels

2 months ago

I always wanted to more about this girl. Her name is CatDaGreat. She is one of the hottest Instagram stars. She is the active leading member of the popular group called Taz’s Angels. She has worked before with Demi Rose, Catherine Paiz and so many more. She rose to fame after being recognized … Click For More Details

Casey DeFranco Took This Road To Survive

2 months ago

The real woman, Casey DeFranco, is a Hollywood actress who just got the part and played the roles really in the industry.

She has great qualities that have led her to where she is today. She played the movies Spider-Woman, a girlfriend. She has also played great films over the years such as a … Click For More Details

Chris Brown’s Ex Girl Ammika Harris Is A Multi-ethnicity Cutie
Ammika Harris

2 months ago

Ammika Harris is well known for being involved in a romantic relationship with Chris Brown. Did Chris be with her just because she looks exactly like his ex.

New news has surfaced. In June 8, Ammika and Chris were spotted attending together the boxing match in Los Angeles at the Staples Center. Watch for a … Click For More Details


Jessica Dime Unexpectedly Feuds With Nicki Minaj
Jessica Dime

2 months ago

Jessica Dime is really a pain in the azz for Nicki Minaj, the two have been having issues lately with each other on social media (Twitter). They call each other unworthy names.

What happened is that Nicki Minaj always has been considering herself a queen of rap. But until she got the juice off

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Who Nicole Williams Is, Is None Of Kylie Jenner’s Business
Nicole Williams

3 months ago

How International do you think Nicole Williams is?. She is such a big of a deal model. She is an International-signed model who joined E! network reality series WAGS. Her body is super cool and I mean that Kylie Jenner type. If you don’t mind check out her IG.

She is the face of many … Click For More Details


Uldouz Wallace Is Special – – Instagram Should Hire Her Please!
uldouz wallace

3 months ago

Who thought I would meet such a model online such as Uldouz Wallace. I have always been a fan since day one of this famous web comedian, she has been eyes and a great role model for many young models. Well, she is not my role model but I am definitely her fan. Life

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Kylie Jenner Did Not Need College To Become A Businesswoman
Kylie Jenner

3 months ago

As of today, Kylie Jenner has 100 million Instagram followers. Most of her pictures receive more than 1 to 3 million likes.

Does school really matter to the Kardashians?, Of course, it matters but what about college?. I don’t think that needs to be answered since you have already guessed the answer to that.

But … Click For More Details


Drake’s Unclear Thoughts On His Feelings For Jennifer Lopez On His New Single
drake champagne papi

3 months ago

Time has been good to the Canadian rapper, Drake, 31, it’s hit to hits coming from him. Lately, the rapper has dropped some two new singles and everybody has been translating the songs into many things. In it, he has come forward with two major key themes: his lifestyle and all the bad and … Click For More Details

Elsy Guevara Does Apply To Instagram Hotness Challenge
Elsy Guevara

3 months ago

Elsy Guevara is a Style/Fashion influencer on Instagram exquisite because of the character behind the account elsyootd. Her pics could earn her more than 320,000 fans.

One of the best and oldest archived photo was posted in January 2017.

Have you heard of the model Alondra Ortiz? She has modeled for Elsy’s fashion brand … Click For More Details

Alondra Ortiz Wins The Hotness Challenge In The IG WORLD
Alondra Ortiz

3 months ago

Alondra Ortiz is a famous American citizen blessed with a talent of being a beauty guru. She is an Instagram star with an account that goes by username as alondraadessy. She has over 700,000 followers on IG supporting her work and she is known there for posting makeup tutorials and fashion related videos. From … Click For More Details