Caandyvonnee Is Really Worthy Something Right Now

2 weeks ago

Caandyvonnee is a Canadian Instagram model well known for her bikini shots, scenic vacation photos, outfit choices and product promotions. Her IG account has over 150,000 followers.

The other Canadian Instagram model is Sophia Body.

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She was born in the Dominican Republic on March 28, 1993, which makes her age, 24 years old. She moved to Toronto, Canada. She used to be romantically involved with the NBA forward Kevin Seraphin. She was put on the Narcity’s list called “20 Toronto Girls That Will Give You Hair Goals.”

Tattoo Model Riley Alessandra Is Super Xxtra
Riley Alessandra

2 weeks ago

Riley Alessandra is a famous Instagram model who is known for her tattooed hot body and her meta-influential personal style. She is popular on Instagram with over 240,000 followers. She posted her first photo on Instagram in February 2014. The beauty is popular on Instagram as Morgan Taylor.

She was born in Indiana on June 21, 1995, which makes her 22 years old. She is currently living in Missouri where she grew up.

Riley’s hotness is still a very trending topic on the Internet. She has been featured among other hot models on the website called the Ladies of Metal.

She used to date the boyfriend named Shane Cisler who is an Illustrator.

Don’t Mistake Ben Esqueda’s Intelligence For His Looks
Ben Esqueda

2 weeks ago

Ben Esqueda is a famous American model and an actor. She is well known on Instagram for posting modeling related photos on her account benporfavor which has over 50,000 followers.

In 2015, he started using social media platforms such as Instagram for his career. He is the popular Instagram model like Matthew Noszka.

He was born in the United States on August 10, 1998, which makes her age, 19 years old. He did grow up in San Diego, California. He is currently living in Los Angeles. He has a younger sister, 14, whom he was raised with by a single mother.

Ben used to be very good in creative directing.

How Broke Would Jose Javier Be? Is He Acting Up?
Jose Javier

2 weeks ago

Jose Javier is an American model who is of Venezuelan and Syrian descent. He is well known on his Instagram which he has racked so far over 213,000 followers. He usually posts photos of him working out, enjoying the view on the beach, and partying hard on Yachts.

He started being serious about social media for his work in 2014.

He was born in the United States on August 25, 1990, which makes his age, 27 years old. The model shared the wedding photos of his brother in July 2017. He moved to live in Miami, Florida for a while.

In October 2015, Jose attended the concert from Ricky Martin. Also, he was able to get the VIP access to watch the finals of the 2015 Miss Universe pageant.

Who is Ayla Kell? Her Raiser Just Became A Role Model
Ayla Kell

2 weeks ago

Ayla Kell is an American TV actress who rose to fame for playing the part in the hit drama “Make It or Break It.” Ayla started her romantic relationship with Sterling Knight, in other words, dating in him in 2014.

She was born in Los Angeles, California on October 7, 1990, which makes her age, 27 years old.

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Ayla has a mother named Jane Kell whom she considers as her role model. She worked alongside Candace Cameron on the film “Make It or Break It.” She also played a role in the comedy film called “What Just Happened”. She also appeared in other popular TV series including CSI: Miami and Without a Trace.

She once performed near her hometown with the American Ballet Theatre.

Hot Ayla Weissman Is More Than What She Let Us See
Ayla Weissman

2 weeks ago

Ayla Weissman is an Instagram model and influencer, best known for her lifestyle and fashion related photos which she posts on her Instagram account.

She was born in the United States on March 12, 2000, which makes her age, 18 years old. She has a younger sister named Malina whom she has posted on her Instagram account before. She started being active on social media in early 2015.

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She traveled to Netherland and Amsterdam in 2016. She is one of the biggest fans of Drake because she frequently posts him on her social media pages.

I Never Liked Ayla Rose Till I Read This
Ayla Rose

2 weeks ago

How gymnast and a good dancer Ayla Rose was, it is none of her current business. But you should really check out her IG. The photos she takes are very professional but half naked in nearly every photo.

Ayla is an International model who is very popular and has been featured in different brand magazines such as Women’s Weekly magazine, Creative Portrait magazine, and Vogue Italia. She is very much lit on her Instagram, as her account has racked up over 80,000 followers.

She worked in Iceland, Spain, Germany, Norway, and France. She famously is known for specializing fashion, commercial and fine art nude projects. She started being a model and got used to the camera ever since she was so young.

She was born in Suffolk, England on August 1, 1992, which makes her age, 25 years old.

The other one of the hottest models suffering from success is the phenomenon model known as Karlie Kloss. And she has also worked for Vogue Italia.

It’s A Good Plan To Know Anna Zak Like This

2 weeks ago

Anna Zac is a model, dancer, and a singer. She used to be signed by Milk Models Agency. She has been crowned as a lip-syncing queen as she is very famous on her anna.zak account. Her account has over 3.2 million followers and she only got fame through creating dances and lip-syncs to the tune of all genres, from pop to rap.

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She is also very popular on her Instagram, she has over 1 million followers there. She started being active on her IG in November 2013. She has shared a video which she is dancing with Neta Alchimister.

She was born in Russia on March 12, 2001, which makes her age, 17 years old. She later moved to Israel where she lived for quite a while. She has a sister.

Mia Stammer “From Nothing To Everything,” A Waitress To A Millionaire
Mia Stammer

2 weeks ago

Damn!. This is real. The YouTuber Mia Stammer can’t stop herself from making all of the money.

Mia is a Japanese American YouTube star who is famously known for her YouTube videos which mostly deals with fashion and beauty. She also posts hair tutorials as she once did a hair tutorial video called “Miley Cyrus Long Waves hair Tutorial” in November 2013. Her channel has over 4.2 million subscribers.

She was born in Okinawa, Japan in August 1994, which makes her age, 23 years old. She later moved to Los Angeles where all of the dreams come true to pursue her career. Mia used to work as a waitress at a small family restaurant for nearly 3 years before getting the thousands of dollars that she is making off her YouTube content.

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The beauty guru lived a very low life in a small town in the middle of nowhere but being bored saved her life. Back in the day, while watching YouTube videos she got an idea of starting her own channel and how she would go about.

Mia is dating Kyle hatch, the Wassabi Productions team player. She previously dated Rashnu, her fellow YouTube Star but the cute couple got split up in 2015, done.

She is good friends with Alisha Marie, the Instagram star. She frequently posts photos of them together.

Interesting Web Star Hannah Stocking Can’t Quit But She Surely Can Win
Hannah Stocking

2 weeks ago

Hannah Stocking is a famous Instagram star with over 10 million followers. She moved from Oregon to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. She is an Internet comedian and she does it really well. She rose to fame on the discontinued app called Vine where she already had accumulated over 950,000 followers. Her first Vine video was called “How girls react to guys VS How guys react to girls” which she posted on April 1, 2013.

She was born in Ashland, Oregon on February 4, 1992, which makes her age 26 years old. She has an older sister named Ruby. She once dated this NBA star named Klay Thompson but didn’t work out and made a split in 2015.

Hannah has worked with her fellow Instagram comedian web stars like King Bach, Melvin Gregg, Klarity and DeStorm power.