Jailyne Ojeda’s Azz Was An Invest, A Mexican Plug Paid For It

1 year ago

Pinch me if I am sleeping but this model’s body is 38% real. Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa is amazing but her booty has made her famous.

She needs to be exposed for lying and looking like she knows it all about fitness.

She is a popular fitness model and she has that image for that. She has a lot of people fooled thinking they can just do fitness like her and get that body. 

If that was true then there wouldn’t be any plastic surgeries done in Hollywood.

Women could just stick to fitness exercises. Rumor has it that she got the money from the big narco or the boss to get butt done and ribs removed too. 

She makes money off the advertising peddling fit teas and workout tights on her Instagram account that has more than 5.4 million followers. Fans are going crazy about the fact that she is big down her waist. truth be told she does have that great image that every woman can be jealous of.

[Images via Jailyne Ojeda/Instagram.]

Francesca Larrain Should’ve Just Let Herself Be, Her Nose Job Thou

1 year ago

Francesca Larrain is really into something that doesn’t fit her style. In fact she is out style. She surely does look beautiful and that is a given for now.

But the nose job she has done, does really gets noticed. She really has always looked beautiful and better before undergoing any surgery. her before and after the surgery photos does really prove this case.

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Maybe she should have just let it go and just be normal.

[Images via Francesca Larrain/Instagram.]

Maybe Megan McKenna Is Worth Loving After All, How She Looks Now?

1 year ago

Who doesn’t love birthdays especially if it’s the birthday of Megan McKenna.

Megan displays her racy pictures taken on her birthday on instagram in a red low-cut swimsuit while joining the fun with her co-stars Georgia Kousoulou and Amber Dowding. They all were there at the event for the 24th birthday extravaganza in Marbella.

From the looks of it, she really felt healthy inside her heart since the smile could tell. An image she represents really does amp her status.

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She is 24 years of age and is best known for big role in the series Ex on the Beach.

Pete Wicks loves her some Megan. He has been making sure that his girlfriend is living lavish by getting her expensive gifts.

She looks like she is packing for real. She is beautiful. She is wearing a red swimsuit which helps the viewer to have a good look at the booty size.

This is Georgia Kousoulou and Amber Dowding.

[Images via Megan McKenna/Instagram.]

Trey Songz In Kenya?, Leaves A Street Kid With Ksh 5000, African Queen Found

1 year ago

Trey Songz is currently in Kenya for Coke Studio sponsored by Coca cola. The American singer came to represent the company all the way from USA and got touchy feelings with the hot African babes.

Due to his visit to Nairobi, walking around, he met a street kid and his heart felt sorry by leaving him with Ksh 5000. Yes that was like a life changing experience ever for the kid.

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Trey also got to get cozy with the hot singer from Tanzania, Vanessa Mdee.

She is a dime among the female Tanzanian artists.

A lot of Kenyans are mad of how the two getting so close. Their chemistry was all over the studio during the sessins. But also this is good for Vanessa as a brand. Who knew she sing along side Trey Songz.

[Images via Trey Songz/Instagram.]

OMG! Is Abby Dowse A BlowOff Or Not?
abby dowse

1 year ago

Now I must find the snapchat username of Abby Dowse. This new favorite hot model of mine is really blowing my mind off.

For your information, she is from Sydney, Australia.

She is the famous cosmetic surgery consultant and beauty that has more than 469k followers. What has she done to get her account banned. I really don’t know. May be she violated the Instagram laws. Who knows…

How old is Abby Dowse? She is 28 years old. She hates to give her age. You could refer to her instagram bio but she is not on IG no more. May the business wasn’t doing well.

Trust, the beauty has what it takes to make money off her instagram. She is a pro by now.

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Who does not know her well?. Do you know Lindsey Pelas?. If you do then Abby is like the new version of Lindsey. There are must be somebody greater than you and if there is anybody then someone is on the way to cover you better.

We think that she does not have the before and after the surgery pictures at her disposal, but once we find them we’ll immediately show them to you.

As we have said before, she is beautiful plus her physique is a lot hotter than most girls on Instagram.

[Images via Abby Dowse/Instagram.]