New Report On Liam Hemsworth & Miley Cyrus Being Secretly married… Is Australia Really Their Favorite Place?
miley cyrus

4 days ago

So many questions are running through the internet if Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have got married secretly in Byron Bay, Australia. Is Miley read enough to leave her unmarried status just yet?. Here goes the the data but calculated properly below.

How happy I was to hear the great news about these two love birds have tied the knot but wait is it done yet?. Rumor has it that cute couple secretly tied the knot over the new year’s eve and they are happily having it their way.

But according to Hollywood Life, “Miley and Liam didn’t get married, they’re just enjoying a vacation in Australia with Liam’s family. Miley would never even dream of getting hitched without her mom, dad, sister and brother there to share her big day, it’s just not something she would do. Both Miley and Liam are agreed that they want to wait until they’re older before thinking about any kind of wedding — they’re ecstatically happy as they are right now, and figure, if it ain’t broke why fix it?”.

So the wedding will be held but miley is a family girl who will never do it alone without her family members.

miley cyrus

A lot of people from social media are really concerned of this rumor and so happy while others are confused and don’t know what to believe anymore.

The reaction coming from both sides of their fans is amazing and probably it’s why they were so happy but also went sad after knowing the real issue but just a couple hitting the beach in Byron Bay, Australia, with her 28-year-old beau.

Miley takes herself as young to have that sort of a thing done right now as she still think that she has time to be free from the marriage tie and hopes to live a lit bit more.

“I hope I get to live a bit more. I have too much living to do,” she told The Sun. But as you know that she is really not that aged plus the fame she has, is big.

According to learned EXCLUSIVELY from a source that the wedding is still a big thing to them and they will not stop from but to make a beautiful family together. The source really tried to explain plainly as:

“Both Miley and Liam are agreed that they want to wait until they’re older before thinking about any kind of wedding — they’re ecstatically happy as they are right now, and figure, if it ain’t broke why fix it?”, source shared, it seems that the source’s words have a point or some juice in it.

Don’t forget that they have done the movie together called “The Last Song”. Things steps from the moment they started working together and boom chemistry was made. So they have had a thing going on for a long time now leave things untied. Their wedding will be such a big event in Hollywood.

But most fans like the rumor that Liam and Miley have secretly got married to be true but in reality, it is not.

How Exactly Does Brittanya Razavi Likes Her Dresses?
Brittanya Razavi

3 weeks ago

Brittanya Razavi is really a unique female instagram model. She portrays herself as the boss lady. Soft, Smooth, Sexy & Seductive…is exactly how she like her dresses!. Just wait for a second before you continue reading and take a look at the picture above. Now let’s continue.

Has she undertaken any surgery, I am not sure but It’s California and that place has got most girls going crazy for that change.

I must say i would like to see the pictures of hers being the old her before she was loaded as she is now. Don’t you wish you could see Nicki Minaj before surgery pictures.

There are nude photos that went viral everywhere after her sextape was leaked. May be our Brittanya187 leaked it and we could not know for sure. If you guys hapen to know her private videos, let us know and may be we might see her more from her private videos. This woman often sees herself as free as a bird

Roxy Horner’s Lit Or Not?
Roxy Horner

4 weeks ago

Damn, this is good. They say some models look ugly when they are young but Roxy horner has it different for sure. The girl was well raised and knows herself better, and that is what is needed in the game.

This is the pic of hers when she was 13. Look how cute she was. It seems she knew who she wanted to be ever since she was young.

Roxy this look that if you spot her instagram for the first time, she will amaze you and take her for a such a reputable successful model.

Jennifer Garner and Adorable Pup Birdie Are Ready For Christmas – Watch Now
Jennifer Garner

4 weeks ago

How in love can Jennifer Garner be more than this?. She is so sweet and even sweeter to her than everyone I know. This holiday has got so many celebrities rocking the days like there is no tomorrow.

Well, the 45-year-old actress is sharing moments with her pup, reading her favorite holiday books and it was one of her best times as it seems. Her amazing smart pup Birdie is such a treasure to Jennifer that when the master was at the Christmas tree, she couldn’t resist but to hear some reading.

Jennifer walked to her Instagram page to share the moments with her reading her favorite books. Some of her fav books are “Room On The Broom“, Santa Claus the World’s Number One Toy Expert by Marla FrazeeSilver Packages by Cynthia Rylant and The Finest Christmas Tree by John and Ann Hassett.

Let’s just say that Birdie is having a good holiday.

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Nina Dobrev Shared Moments with Her Dog Maverick!
Nina Dobrev

1 month ago

How amazing this actress is?. She is out of reach when you compare her skills on set. Nina Dobrev has been busy lately filming an upcoming movie Dog Days, so now she is kinda living life for a little.

Nina has a taste in fashion but don’t you forget she is also for keeps with puppies. She has a cute puppy dog named Maverick. She takes him around sometimes and when they are together, Nina is all about smiles.

Recently Nina has taken to Instagram to share with her 14 million followers a super cute photo with her loving irreplaceable pup Maverick.

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The holidays are for family and loved ones. Snuggle up to your boo and squeeze hard. Tag the Maverick to your Nina to tell them you love them”, she captioned.