Jessica Dime Unexpectedly Feuds With Nicki Minaj
Jessica Dime

August 15th, 2018 - 7:43 pm

Jessica Dime is really a pain in the azz for Nicki Minaj, the two have been having issues lately with each other on social media (Twitter). They call each other unworthy names.

What happened is that Nicki Minaj always has been considering herself a queen of rap. But until she got the juice off the statement, she started disrespecting DJ Self by naming him a “reality TV hoe,” which is not a good move for Nicki.

Someone hard clapped back on Nicki that is Jessica Dime. She was hurt and so she could not keep quiet as most female rappers do. She tweeted some meaning text which made a point to Nicki until Nicki got back to her.

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What Jessica wrote on Twitter in a series of tweets;

“Yoooo [Nicki Minaj] damn what’s crummy about VH1 checks? Damn I love Nicki but wasn’t she just on Black Ink? All money spend, you can’t s–t on our hustle. Everybody gotta start somewhere! Didn’t she??” Jessica wrote in a series of tweets. “It don’t matter whether she got a check to be on Black Ink or not she has still been on VH1, she has worked with them, the dude who did her tattoo works for them. I f–k wit [sic] Nicki, I got every last album but to me, her choice of words could have been better.”

The self-claimed Queen of rap replied by cursing her on Twitter;

“Suck my d-ck hoe” Nicki tweeted.

The feud did not just end up right there, Jessica got an ally to the feud who was Mariahlynn.

“If I’m wrong for defending a man who helped me get my music on the radio, was a part in getting me on a 6.1 million views platform, a man who believed in me back when no one else did… Then so be it, but I will always remain true to who I am and to the people who have been there,” Mariahlynn tweeted.

Jessica Dime is really a dime as her name sounds. She is a rapper mostly known for the role she plays on VH1 on the TV show called ‘Love & HipHop: Atlanta’. For reals, she has that booty that any man would wanna tear it apart and I am saying that not in a harmful way.

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Dime is a former stripper and I guess she is really good with poles. But anyway she has got a good thing going on in her life and let’s just leave it like that.

The Memphis rapper was once signed under Flo Rida’s recording label and quit stripping after the label made such a condition so she could join.

Definitely, this model has a good thing coming ahead of her. Her aka is Dimepiece and with a body like that. That’s worth a name.

What do you think of this model’s azz?. Does it matter?. I know what you are thinking if you are a man or a lesbian when you are visualizing it. Sorry guys… but lesbians get it too.

Did you know that this rapper is also a video vixen that really rocks?. Yes! she appeared on the Track that Nicki minaj called ‘Beez In The Trap’. She was with Blac Chyna where Nicki could grab both of the azzes including hers.

[Images via Jessica Dime/Instagram.]

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