A Few Facts About Olivia Pierson That Normally Fades Away, Hurry!
Olivia Pierson

January 29, 2018 - 9:36 pm

There is some truth you will find out here about Olivia Pierson that you thought you knew about her but you actually knew her just a TV character. What does she do? How old is she?.

Olivia is dating Marcedes Lewis even though the real deal is not shown to public yet and they somehow keep it low from the media even though it’s totally okay and they have confirmed dating on the E! reality TV show WAGS. She is a cast member in that E! Network reality show.

Olivia has always wanted to popular ever since at such a young age and she definitely has achieved so far so good.

My BESTS! @nataliehalcro @justtnic 🎥 throwback in Miami…can’t wait for you guys to tune in to #WAGS to see what we are up to tonight! 10|9c only on E! @wags @eonline

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With her besties…

How she parties and snapchats is totally a characteristics that Olivia has. Her age and fame are tight and parallel so she does have a yolo kind of a vibe. She is a YouTuber who works alongside with her loving cousin Natalie Halcro. Pierson is a blogger on the blog Jerome owned by Nat and Liv. She makes some awesome good amount of income, and so her net worth is more than $500,000.

She has a younger sister named Sophia with parents Julia and Brian. She was born and raised in Langley, British Columbia. She does also have brothers thou. Since childhood, she has always wanted to be a makeup artist even though what she used to – – was to make sure that she looks like her mother.