Angelika Babekov Can Do Anything For That Money, B–ch Is Trouble
Angelika Babekov

August 23rd, 2018 - 4:49 pm

Angelika Babekov has been a good person so far. Her relationship with Tyga gave a real boost to her fame. She got invited by Tyga once, to visit Paris. As you know, she was still a teen but she never minded for her to be hooking up with an older dude just like what Kylie Jenner did.

She is a Canadian straight gorgy/model plus an escort you can never resist to approach and Yes I admit that she is exceptional.

Her real birth name is Angelika Adriana Babekov. The beauty was born on 10 January 1998 in Toronto, Canada. She has only turned 20. The girl is known to have that rude personality and she ain’t hiding it plus she is famous anyway. She has blue eyes and a height of 5′ 7″.

The 20-year-old got involved with Tyga romantically in 2017. Angelika dated with Tyga but things did not last that long, it only took about two months. The beauty’s life turned upside down after she broke up with Tyga. She started working as a gold digger and working at nightclubs, doing God knows what.

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Is Tyga in love with adult film actors? because Angelika is considered a Canadian Adult film actor. I guess he is against class.

Angelika Babekov is possibly along, single, having the time of her life. She is beautiful and probably she is attracting a lot of guys in the streets. The glamour looks natural and she has not performed any plastic surgeries.

Her Instagram is really nice. It’s a place to make a guy or a lesbo happy for sure. She really knows what she is doing for sure thou. She likes taking photos of her body from behind since she believes she has got the curves. She surely does the work thou, the independent model has accumulated over 34,900 followers on her Instagram account.

I guess she has been thru a lot of criticism but nothing comes up to her head that can make her quit who is and becoming.

Her friends are always there to support her even when she starts trouble herself. She and her crew are always ready to make fun of other girls they see and meet in the streets, thinking that they own the whole world.

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Her well-known best friend was Nikou Mohaghegh who is such a babe herself and can’t keep it real like her friend. Nikou is just an innocent girl as she works a legit job. Things used to be so cool between Nikou and Angelika but since they discovered they were not meant to be, everyone kept distance.

They all have traits of taking others’ boyfriends and almost things went sideways for her. She snatched her friend’s babe, an ex-girlfriend called Sophia Lodato. One day, at a party that Angelika attended, she got scolded and ended up slapped on her face.

The sexy allure is in it for the money and ready for taking it in her mouth as long as you have that money. As long as you have got that bill and nice cars, she is totally yours.

[Images via Angelika Babekov/Instagram.]

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