One Thing That Paris Sky Used To Survive This Long
Paris Sky

August 23rd, 2018 - 6:27 pm

The Instagram sensation and model, Paris Sky, what happened to her was really a tragedy but she survived and remained strong as ever. Learn more about Paris and you’ll be amazed. She has started to leave and the wheelchair and walk without it, that’s development.

Paris is a famous model and a makeup artist. Paris Sky is her real name. She uses Instagram as a platform where she sells beauty products and other products such as lashes and sunglasses. She has an attribute that makes her well known.

What happened to her? She is known to have overcome an accident that left her body paralyzed from the waist down. She uses a wheelchair to move and model her way through Instagram. Her story moves a lot of people. She did experience her accident that changed her life in February 2017. Being shot could the worst thing that could have happened to our internet persona.

She currently is making progress into making herself walk again. On June 14, 2018, she announced by posting a pic that she had gotten her leg braces and ready for physiotherapy.

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On her Instagram account parisskyy_, she has racked so far over 309,000 followers. Here is how a hot Instagram model looks with her new leg braces ready to the world by storm.

Paris Sky Walking using braces from being paralyzed

The beauty has a high good following on IG. She is supported and encouraged by her fans. Some of the comments from her sweet fans that tell her to have faith are;

Listen, don’t EVER give up. You will overcome this. I got chills scrolling through yo page. Girl this is just a stepping stone to teach you strength. You got this . I’ll say it again. YOU GOT THIS.

— From she2bad2gaf

God got you believe that. You’ll get better. You’re a great person & god has your back. Just believe. — From queen_renata

Paris was born in Dallas, Texas on November 17, 1998, which makes her age, 19 years old. Paris graduated in November 2017 and shared a photo which she used as a dedication to her father.

She is fond of applying different new colors and styles on her hair. She is one of the biggest fans of the rapper Lil Ronny.

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