Blondie Alena Shishkova’s Beauty Exceeds Normal Measurements Now – – Before & After Plastic Surgery

February 26th, 2017 - 6:46 pm

Alena Shishkova Just Keeps Getting Better. She is 24 years old but her beauty is moving up the bar as she ages. She is dating

Alena gave birth to a baby girl in 2014, named Alisa. She is sharing a daughter with her Russian ex-boyfriend, rapper Timati, 33.

This top international model is nothing but in it for a good life now. She is dating the son of a Billionaire. What a move!.

The sexy allure must be getting her bars up and she is really either up to good or not. Not sure right now. Her slender figure got the boy going all wild up in his head. The media is speculating the news that two are really at it. But WHEN THE MONEY TALKS, WHAT IS THERE TO SAY?.

She is dating Nikita Mazepin, a teenaged Formula 3 racer, the Billionaire’s son. His father, Dmitry Mazepin, 48, is known famously as the head of Uralchem Integrated Chemicals who is worth £1.1 billion. I can’t lie I truly envy him.

Damn, this chick is not what I used to picture her to be. Dating a schoolboy? Oooh, wait… He has money so let’s just double cross that and carry on. Totally this Mazepin looks like young like a boy at a certain High School but none of that matters, in the end, he is screwing the best Instagram beauty. The 17-faced boyfriend is a reserve driver for Force India’s Formula One team.

When Will I Be Rich?… Let’s Donald Trump decide on that.

In August, last year, Alena shocked her loving fans when she uploaded her striking racy images to social media. The Internet went nuts. However, the beauty is not interested as always in accepting the credit as she always explains to her fans, the living ways to achieve her body’s perfect beauty. It is known that the model has had a couple of surgeries on her body including her jaw.

Before her plastic surgeries, the model was still beautiful as ever and these current models nowadays are much concentrating on the looks after the surgery.

She claims her body is the outcome of living active and that includes workouts and just a foolproof healthy diet. As she was spotted to have lost a lot of weight.

The absurd couple in town has been oftentimes seen out together in public looking cozy and looking like they are getting it on each other. But a bad spot appears after the fact she is much older than him and it is not common in the eyes of the people. She looks like a cougar. She should stop, age matters much when a girl is much older unlike vice-versa.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram
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