Interestings About Chan Than San Of Thailand
Chan Than San

June 6th, 2018 - 4:52 pm

Chan Than San is a famous Thailand Instagram model who is currently living in America. The model posted has really been good at modeling and completion ain’t nothing as in 2011, he did win the MThai Top Talk-About Award. He is very well known for his comedic short videos that he shares with his fans via Instagram. His account has over 260,000 followers supporting him for his physique and fashion photos which he often posts to his IG account.

Chan San was born in Thailand on May 31, 1998, which makes his age, 19 years old. She is very fond of her mother and grandmother as he sometimes posts photos with them in it. He later moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue his dreams. The social media platforms have helped Chan Than is so many ways. He became good till he got to play the role in a 2016 comedy movie called “Diep Vu Chan Dai.”

The other Instagram model who is also from Vietnam is Tien Nguyen.

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