Crazy Ukrainians At Work, Alena Politukha Should Really Stop With This Strategy

August 16th, 2016 - 6:44 pm

Alena Politukha needs to stop immediately about wanting attention than what she can handle.

The 33-year-old model is tagging every one famous person she has ever known since childhood. This is sick, she really needs to stop. She has some cool numbers of followers on her Instagram. Of course, she hot and beautiful enough for you to not take a closer look.

The Ukrainian model was dumped by her politician husband for posting for posting such sexy revealing selfies. With the beauty that she sees in her self got her marriage broken.

So she needs to stop before some cool followers got angry and start an Insta-riot. May be that’s what she need.

The Ukrainian politician Aleksandra Politukha really did not look back for his family. She was left alone with her child where life was hard for her.

The model has not stopped posting such cheeky and racy photos on her social media accounts. Most people accept her for who she really is and does. But since her husband was a politician, he left to maintain his image.

Well — He got an opportunity and he took it.

[Images via Alena Politukha/Instagram.]

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