Damaris Lopez Hottest Model In Drake’s Hotline Bling Video
damaris lopez

October 21st, 2015 - 7:14 am

Many people have to admit to the fact that all this time there has been a part of Drake that most of us didn’t know it actually exists. Drake recently has released his brand new video ‘hotline bling’ and the dance moves are awesome.

Drake has shown his dancing talent with the world, the side that he has never unfolded in the past. The OVO artist cast some beautiful video models in his video and it was nothing but a bomb dropping on twitter.

Damaris Lopez is a Dominican video model who was seen at the first scene in Drake’s music video fetching some water and walking confidently showing how good her cleavage really is.

The Miami-based model’s beauty is a bless and it ain’t no joke. Damaris was featured in Mixed Magazine where she got involved in a photoshoot which kind of helped her career more. Whoever is getting hit by her is really lucky and probably is really loaded.

In 2013, Damaris was dating Gucci Mane which is another way we can say she was screwing the rapper. According to thedirty.com, Lopez was seen with Gucci in a car shop and looked like they were seriously in need with a new car.

Another boyfriend that the beauty was having intimacy with, was the ‘Young Money’ rapper, Mack Maine.

Other models that played a big party in Drake’s video was Jackie a.k.a Winny The Pooh who was seen dancing with Dreezy in the near end of the video. The one giving some snaps and shaking her body while letting drake hold her and ended up giving Drake a more than Nicki Minaj lap dance.

Raven is another girl who was firstly seen in the right side of Damaris who was walking towards her seat.

Drake is an American sweetheart and he is heavily loved by women and as he said in the ‘only’ Nicki’s song that he likes his women BBW meaning Big Beautiful Women. Such classy and beautiful women like these always must have received or felt overjoyed that they had got that opportunity.

[Images via INSTAGRAM.]

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