Dirty Truth – Jeana Turner Is But Her Bad Intentions

February 2nd, 2017 - 5:16 pm

Jeana Turner is a 23-year-old beauty and a well known American socialite who was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

How seriously hot is this chick?. Is she a 10? At least that is what I can give her. she is a famous playboy girl who is best known for her role in the playboy tube and she always shares racy photos on her social media accounts.

With all this it seems being this model is no easy fit. She is cute and lovely. You should see her on facebook, she is no regular. It’s like she was adopted by the parents from the Adult films. She has no morals when it comes to protecting her image. Her photos are all about sheer clothes on.

Her Instagram account has more than 127k followers that support her work and she has been making money by advertising branded products on Instagram.

Jeana is now living in Las Vegas where she is currently based and trying o further her career more, acting out and hooking up to make a name for herself. With the beauty she has, it’s pretty simple for her to get some money and an agency to shoot for.

Her hair color is black but she does it to make herself blonde plus her eye color is dark brown.  

This young racy model just really originates from the Philippines. She just is a straight dime and no doubt about that. Her social activities on her social media accounts always make her images shine. This model is really open when it comes to what she does. A Dime is what she is!!!.

Photo courtesy: Instagram

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