Dominican CatDaGreat, The Main Sister Wife To Know All About Taz’s Angels

August 23rd, 2018 - 4:00 pm

I always wanted to more about this girl. Her name is CatDaGreat. She is one of the hottest Instagram stars. She is the active leading member of the popular group called Taz’s Angels. She has worked before with Demi Rose, Catherine Paiz and so many more. She rose to fame after being recognized to be working for Taz Angels as a group leader for the girl group claim to share the same man named Michael “Taz” Williams who funds and control the group. He is like their pimp.

She was born in the Dominican Republic on July 7, 1985, which makes her 32 years old. Later she moved to Florida, Miami where she makes most of her dreams come true.

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The beauty used to work in a supermarket known as Neiman Marcus located in Tampa, Florida until she met Taz and recruited her to be a sister wife having the grace of an angel.

Cat also used to work alongside former members of Taz’s Angels Leena Sayed and Ashley Martelle. She has an account on Instagram called catdagreat with over 645,000 followers supporting her all the way to the top. The Taz’s Angels Instagram account has over 997,000 followers.

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