What Happened to Taz Angels? Leena Sayed Turned Religious
leena sayed

December 8th, 2016 - 5:35 am

Leena Sayed has allegedly admitted leaving the house of Taz’s angels for good and has decided to follow the path of her own destiny. After leaving in that expensive mansion for four years. She has assured everyone on social media that she will not be returning back.

Remember when we said she was trapped? Leena had been thinking a lot about leaving the group for a very long time till she managed to do it. I guess her sister, Ruby Sayed has encouraged to blast off. There have been so many complaints as to how Taz – – the manager, how they are treated while in the house. The leading lady known as CatDaGreat has been known to have a cold heart.
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After leaving, she leaves a message on her Instagram page for her fans to find;

I’ve made the decision from the Taz Angel’s brand and focus on myself and building a brand that represents me as an individual. I have been a part of this team for 4 years, We have had our ups and downs, I feel it was time to part ways. Thank you for all your love support I have many things I am working on for you guys!

It looks like the fire is on in the house, Taz’s Angels exposed?. First of all, Demi Rose, Tyga’s ex-girlfriend was once involved with the group but then she left and never claimed she was in the group before. She denied the rumors even when there is a photo of her being in it with Taz.

There have been so many speculations that the famous escort group has been dealing with sex trafficking with the girls underage. The FBI has always kept an eye on them. No wonder she left since new girls seem to have grabbed Taz’s attention more than her.

Leena Sayed was trapped and she has freed herself and looking for other opportunities that the world has to offer. As we said before this girl is strong and brave since she once served in the army, she has assured us of that. 

Who are Taz’s Angels?

Not to be a d-ck about this but this group is a famous escort group which has been promoting themselves through many social sharing sites especially Instagram. Their IG username is tazsangels_. It looks like the girls in the house are there for fame and fun more than for the money. They all wish they could be like Demi Rose and Ashley Martelle.

The group is led by the man known as Taz who works as their pimp. They are all living in a big mansion in Miami. They call themselves ‘Sister Wives’ claiming they are sharing Taz’s manhood member. Most of the girls that are recruited are such underage. It’s so disappointing what people can do for money.

Finally, Taz's Angels' Secret CatDaGreat Is Revealed

Catherine a.k.a CatDaGreat is a leading lady in the house who takes care of all the arrangements for all the escorts including recruiting them. Catherine’s age is late 20’s. She is the good woman by the looks plus she is Dominican if you what I mean.

Anabella Carrasco a.k.a AB has never been more important especially at times like this in the house. She is one of the loyal girls in the house and definitely a queen of Twerk.

She is happy and looks like she is getting a big paycheck. She is the one who is rumored to have many rich customers than others, so she leaves then Taz would not be that okay as he is with Leena leaving.

Currently, they have a clothing line known as ‘Bad B*tches Link Up’ and it is serving them well. They are all wearing it to make sure it is well promoted and branded. So I would not advise your sister or girlfriend or you girls to go to Miami to look for a job unless you really know what’s calling you out there.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram

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