I Thought I Knew Alex DeLena, I Guess I Was Wrong
Alex DeLena

May 10, 2018 - 2:11 pm

This chick has me going anyway. I believe she can. Her name is Alex DeLena. Her real name is Alexandra Delena. She is an Instagram model and influencer who posts modeling and lifestyle-related photos to her Instagram page. She has over 110,000 followers on Instagram. She is best known for her modeling swimwear brands at the beach and she does it well. She sometimes is seen with her close friends.

Alex launched her Instagram account and posted her first photo in February 2013. She is a big fan of Coachella as in 2015, she went to 2015. In Los Angeles is where she was brought up and now you know where she got all those styles (Swagg).

She was born in Los Angeles, the United States on September 19, 1994, which makes her 23 years old. She has this best friend whom she is so close to. Her name is Jessica Newman, Ryan’s sister, the actress.

What about her dating life?… She is dating Chance Sutton, Team 10.

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