I Would Sell My Car For Nohar Batit’s Happiness – – I Mean It

March 4th, 2017 - 3:12 am

Ever seen the page ‘transformationfitnation’ on Instagram. Models do really change. The fitness model Nohar Batit was featured on one of the posts. Their posts are all about the before and after the fitness struggle.

Women do confess of how successful they have become for maintaining their bodies to a degree they have always wanted. They are so passionate and come forward through DM. On the page, you will get featured if they see it fit since you will have been sent some before and after photos.

She sent a photo of her being so fat before and now the body is rocking solid. As that went by, no one gave a damn about her testimonials and ended up saying she has possibly undergone a boob and nose job. Why do women like to fake things so much?. Life is difficult enough.

But with all that said, Nohar has got that cute lips.
Photo Courtesy: Instagram
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