Is Brittanya Razavi Better Than Jailyne Ojeda? Both Have Things In Common
Brittanya Razavi

December 8th, 2016 - 6:22 am

Coolly we mostly know Brittanya Razavi from the appearance she made in the Rock of Love and the third season of Charm School. This popular model is known to have such energy but one thing that sucks is that she not that good when it comes to keeping her image in a respectful way.

Every photo she posts on IG must be a nude one or something leading to the half-clothed situation. She displays herself as a lady of the evening or wh#re which is bad. But enough about that… let’s get to a good side of hers.

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She is to release her new book soon that will be talking about a young girl trying to make it while going through world difficulties and when she had to make hard choices in different situations.

Well, other than the fact that she’s insanely gorgeous. Those curves do really help. No wonder every wanna-be model is making an attempt to butt shots or undergoing plastic surgery.

The one we are comparing with Brittanya is Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa who is originally a product of Arizona, USA. The model has got things in common as Brit. They both have curves meaning they are thick. Both have got tiny waits. Cute faces… So let’s see who will win our contest.
Now… Our contest? here is Jailyne Ojeda.
And Here is Brittanya Razavi.

Now, what do you think? I myself think one must be dope than other and I vote Jailyne Ojeda?


Photo Source: Instagram
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